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Starlight Train & Children's Agricultural Show

Starlight Train & Children's Agricultural Show
Sat, 9. September 2017, 09:30 - 22:40
Jokioinen Museum Railway - Jokioinen, Humppila
Events at Jokioinen Museum Railway


The starlight train will travel through a colourful autumn landscape on Saturday from afternoon to late evening. What could be more romantic than a trip on-board a wooden carriage light only by lanterns and heated by a wood burning fireplace?

This year there will be again two steam trains running in the evening. When the night gets darker there will be also a fireworks show to celebrate the past summer! After the day steam locomotives will be serviced and prepared for winter storage.

You can also arrive the Children's Agricultural Show in Jokioinen by a real steam train! There is a special shuttle bus operating between Jokioinen station and the entrance to the show. The bus is departing Jokioinen station after every train from 10.55 to 17.00. Return to trains at Jokioinen station from the main gate of Mansikki at 10.45, 11.45, 12.45, 13.45, 14.45, 15.45 and 16.45. Download full Jokioinen station - Elonkierto (Mansikki) bus timetable!

There is a steam train connection of the VR trains arriving at Humppila station at 10.00 from Truku and Tampere directions. Return connection is with a stream train departing Jokioinen at 16.00 and connecting with VR Trains departing Humppila at 17.00 for Turku and Tampere.

You can also make a visit to Minkiö by steam train from the agricultural show and visit the narrow gauge museum!

If you are arraiving by train for checking the connecting VR train timetables please click here!

info• Only day tickets sold on this day (14 / 7 €).

Steam Train timetables of the Starlight Train and the Children's Agricultural Show

Timetables will be published on this page later in 2017.

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Jokioinen Museum Railway
Jokioinen, Humppila
Jokioinen Museum Railway


Humppila, Minkiö, and Jokioinen stations and Kermala, Palomäki, Santavaihde, Vuorela, Salminen, Raemäki, and Kirkkotie halts of Jokioinen Museum Railway.