You can hire a steam train for your group or for making a movie! Also rail hand car rentals and ready package tours are possible!

At Jokioinen Museum Railway you can simply hire your own steam train! You can select the best day and time for you and your group. You can also decide where to board the train and where to go. And if you wish you can ask for special carriages to be included with your train! The steam locomotives are operated from May until end of September.


The handcar trips at Jokioinen Museum Railway offer a fun and sportive way for all kind of groups to travel through beautiful Finnish countryside.

With a handcar you can get to know the Jokioinen Museum Railway Photo: Teemu Viratnen.

Charter carriages can also be attached to scheduled trains. Scheduled trains run on Sundays in June and July and on Saturdays in August and also the second Saturday of September and the first Saturday of December.

Chartering a own carriage is always an experience! Photo: Jussi Tepponen.

If you like you may also like to have coffee, a sandwich or a picknick lunch at Minkiö Station, onboard the train or at a nice spot along the railway line. At Minkiö you also have the chance of visiting the narrow gauge museum and to buy souvenirs or railway literature at our shop.

In order to facilitate group travel Jokioinen Museum Railway, we are offerring ready made packages. You can easily choose a package from the list or we can use the package to tailor a new package for you.

The final proce of the travel package depends on many aspects like for example number of people attending and the day of week chosen. All the prices are budgetary prices, please contact us and as for an offer to get more precise price!

If you wish you can also rent the old sauna at Minkiö station for your group. The sauna is big enough for about 5 people and in the dressing room for about 10 people. In the front of the sauna there is a place for barbeque. The rent for the sauna is € 50.

Sauna of the Minkiö station. Photo: Marko Laine.

Next to Minkiö station there is a Kiipu village house which can provide a conference room for up to 30 people. There is a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a coffee maker adjoining the meeting room. In the adjacent office there is also a photocopier and an overhead projector.

Meeting room

In May and August-September, runs for school and daycare groups of low-cost charter trains. For these groups, round-trip charter train between Minkiö-Humppila or Minkiö-Jokioinen costs between 550 € and Humppila Jokioinen 770 €.

Charter Trains for Schools