Opening hours

Narrow gauge museum, summer café and handcar rental at Minkiö station (Kiipuntie 49,Jokioinen) are open as follow:

In May Mon-Fri at 10-17 (closed on May 26th)

In June Mon-Fri at 10-17

In July Tue-Sat at 10-17

in August at 10-17

Our steam trains are running every Sunday in June and July and every Saturday in August. Our autumn and Starlight train on Saturday 10th of September. Summer café and narrow gauge museum are open at 9:30-17 when museum train is running.

Contact info

Email: info [at]
Phone: +358 3 433 3235
Kiipuntie 49
FI-31630 Minkiö

Driving directions

Minkiö station:
Kiipuntie 49

Jokioinen station:
Humppilantie 20

Humppila station:
Asemantie 7

Charter trains and groups
Phone: +358 40 552 5322

Contact list


Adults (over 12 years):
Return 12 - 20 Euros
Children (4-12 years):
Return 6 - 10 Euros