Opening hours

Narrow gauge museum, summer café and handcar rental at Minkiö station (Kiipuntie 49,Jokioinen) are open as follow:

in August Monday-Friday at 10-17

Our steam trains are running every Saturday in August. Our autumn and Starlight train on Saturday 10th of September. Summer café and narrow gauge museum are open at 9:30-16:30 when museum train is running.

Contact info

Email: info [at]
Phone: +358 3 433 3235
Kiipuntie 49
FI-31630 Minkiö

Driving directions

Minkiö station:
Kiipuntie 49

Jokioinen station:
Humppilantie 20

Humppila station:
Asemantie 7

Charter trains and groups
Phone: +358 40 552 5322

Contact list


Adults (over 12 years):
Return 12 - 20 Euros
Children (4-12 years):
Return 6 - 10 Euros