Accomodation will be in the old VR sleepers at the Minkiö station

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The program of the camp includes mainly volunteer work at the Jokioinen Museum Railway, but there are also visit to local tourist destinations and days off. It is planned to visit eg. the agricultural exhibition park Elonkierto in Jokioinen, the buildings and park of the Jokioinen Estates and the National Park of Torronsuo. Also trips to swim in the nearby lakes and some evengin program will be included.


Jokioinen Museum Railway international youth work camp Railway Camp 2011 begins after two and half weeks. A full list of participants has been registered for camp. That means 15 people from ten countries. The participants comes from Russia, Spain, South Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Montenegro, France, Belgium, Turkey and Lithuania. List consists of nine girls and six boys.

Camp and voluntary work will be guided by Museum Railway Association members. The camp hosts are Tuomas Juhantila, Marko Laine and Teemu Virtanen. The Facebook site for camp participants is also now opened.

Also some photos of JMR voluntary work and camp accomodation are recently added in photo gallery. You may also view general images of JMR from in another galleries.