Logging in the Extranet of the members and volunteer workers of the Museum Railway Association has changed. From now on you will have to click an icon of a padlock on the top right corner of the web page. There is a text "Members Extranet" next to this icon (see picture bellow).


extranet_ulos1Logging in window opens on top of the main page and you can drag it to a location you wish by keeping the left mouse button pressed down and moving the mouse. You will enter your login id and password like before and after that you will have to click the green arrow to log in. What is new is that the Extranet is now part of the normal web pages and does not open as a separate window. You will also see your user name on the page. (see picture on right).


To log out of the Extranet please click the red cross on top of the Extranet menu. Before logging out there will be still a confirmation window asking you to confirm logging out of the Extranet.