December 3. Now is the time to go back in time to the autumn colours train that ran in early October 2002. That day became the first real winter traffic day on the Jokioinen Museum Railway. The night before, it was snowing heavily and autumn instantly turned into winter.

In the picture, the steam train has arrived at Humppila station and the very snowy station platform has passengers. In the background, at the second station in Humppila there is a VR train consisting of blue passenger cars. One can also see the old small Humppila station building of the Jokioinen Museum Railway.

A lot has changed in 18 years. Humppila has a new big station building, the red wood shed has been repaired, VR's trains have turned into green double-decker trains and in the autumn, let alone in the winter, there is no more snow any more...

A steam train stands next to the very snowy Humppila station platform.The autumn colours train from Minkiö has arrived at Humppila on a very snowy first Saturday in October. Photo: Teemu Virtanen 5.10. 2002.