On the fourth of December, we stay still in Humppila and with a kind of plowing train. In the sprin 2019 the new Humppila station building, which came from Riipa, had already been renovated all winter. Because of the work there was a full load of wood in an open wagon, which had to be taken to Minkiö.

At the end of March, more precisely on 29.3. the snow cover had already faded so much that the work train pulled by Schöma diesel locomotive got from Minkiö to Humppila for the first time. In the picture, the work train "plows" Humppila's second track and the loaded open wagon can be seen under the Humppila gantry crane. The station building has not yet been externally renovated, but the beams under the front door base have been replaced and new panels has been struck into the wall. There is still plenty of snow.

A railway car mounted crane pulled by a small green diesel locomotive stands in front of the snowy Humppila station in the sunshine.The first train of the year has arrived at Humppila. Photo: Jyrki Längman 29.3. 2019.