The fifth day of December. Today, the traditional Santa's Train should have been in operation on the Jokioinen Museum Railway. However, no train is running and you can see the reason in the picture of the day. Now one can only reminisce about Santa's Trains of the past years and dream of Santa's Train of 2021.

In 2016, the crowd was heavy on the Minkiö platform when the train arrived at the station. Santa is chatting with the children, the crowd is unloading from the full train, the doors of the Yellow Café are open, inviting passengers to a steaming mulled wine mug and Christmas biscuits. There is light frosty snow on the ground and you can almost feel the bitterness of the frosty day and the smell of birch wood smoke coming from the locomotive smoke stack.

Crowd on the snow-covered platform between the old passenger train and the station. Among the crowd is Santa Claus handing out candies to the kids.Santa's Train has arrived at Minkiö station and the crowd is unloading from the train. Picture: Jussi Tepponen 3.12. 2016.