December 6, Independence Day. Today, Finland is steaming with power and diving out of the cloud where the journey has been made in recent months. We will travel with confidence towards the coming year, next year and normal conditions.

In 2017, Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary and Santa's trains were run for the first time with two steam trains. One train was pulled by the 100-year-old Finland 100 jubilee locomotive HKR5, or Sohvi, and the secon train by JR5 Tubize (Orion) locomotive of the Jokioinen railway, shown in this picture.

A steam locomotive with Finnish flags flying is diving out of a steam cloud in a snowy landscape.
The JR5 Tubize "Orion" steam locomotive arrives from Jokioinen to Minkiö in its Finland 100 outfit. Picture: Marko Laine 2.12. 2017.