The eighth day of December. We will not forget but return once more to the yesterday’s short freight train. The date is sometime in February 1973. The day is bright and sunny. Based on the weather statistics of Jokioinen weather station the date is probably between 23 February and 28 February. The most possibly day is Friday, February 23, 1974, when a photographer from the Helsinki area would have been more easily present.

The day was a cold frosty day (-21°C at night), but the sun was already warming enough that it was no longer -6°C during the day. According to the operating data written on the wall of the Forssa Snow Plow of the Jokioinen railway, the track had been plowed on Wednesday, February 14, 1973. After the snowfall on Tuesday before the day of plowing, there had been 22 cm of snow on the ground.

After Humppila, the train has been photographed in several places, but the attached picture taken from the roof of Minkiö station in the direction of Humppila is excellent. The picture also shows well the short configuration of the train. In addition to the JR11 Guard's wagon, the train only has an empty open wagon on the JR21 transporter wagon. Behind the train you can see the entrance turnout of Minkiö station, but Minkiö's second track has not been plowed.

A small diesel locomotive painted orange-yellow pulls two wagons on a narrow-gauge track covered with white snow.The Move21 diesel locomotive 'Karkkilalaimnen' pulls a short freight train consisting of a loaded transporter wagon from Humppila towards Forssa. The train is just arriving at Minkiö station, on the roof of which the photograph has been taken. Photo: Vesa Venho, February 1973.