December the 9th. Lets stay still in the 1970s and winter landscapes. Keeping the track in traffic condition in winter required plowing the track and clearing switches and level crossings of snow and ice. In the 1970s, the Jokioinen railway had two snow plows, one in Humppila and the other in Forssa. All the plow photos seem to have showing the plow of Forssa which is still on the Jokioinen Museum Railway (see the picture of the first day).

All the days of use of the plow are marked with a pencil on the border of the ceiling of this Forssa plow. Every year, the track had to be plowed about ten times. The year 1970 was especially difficult, then the plow was moving on 24 days!

In the picture, the JR3 Move21 diesel locomotive crosses the Loimijoki River with the Forssa box snow plow. On the right is the Jokioinen station and on the left the direction of Humppila and also the turnout from which you can get to the Syrup Factory, the Jokioinen sawmill track and the Ferraria wire and nail factories.

A small diesel locomotive painted orange-yellow with a box snow plow on a high metal girder bridge across the river.JR3 Move21 diesel locomotive with Lumiaura on a railway bridge crossing the Loimijoki river in Jokioinen. Photo: Börje Sällström, circa 1972.