Friday, December 11th. Now we have already reached Forssa on our winter trip. Now we are 10 days back in time from yesterday's picture. In Forssa, the guard's wagon JR11 waited to be repaired after been damaged in a level crossing accident with a truck at the Highway 2 crossing.

What makes the picture interesting is that the broken corner of the carriage opens up a view inside of the brake man's compartment. In the middle you can see the brake lever and behind it the metal grille on the wall, through which the heat of the stove on the side of the cargo compartment entered. There is a bench in the corner below the grille and a shelf in the wall on the other side of the door leading to the parcel compartment.

The collision must have been a frightening experience for the train crew traveling in the wagon.

A damaged guard's wagon in a snowy railway yard. The entire front corner of the carriage is gone and through the hole one can see inside of the carriage.
JR11 guard's wagon waiting for repair at Forssa after being damaged in a collision with a truck at the Highway 2 level crossing. Photo: Pekka Viitamäki, 12.2.1968.