It is already the 15th of December and we continue our journey from Forssa, pass the Jokioinen station, cross the Loimijoki on the bridge shown on 9th of December and finally reach the Syrup Switch. The day is a bright and frosty day probably in the winter of 1972. The snow is creaking under the photographer’s shoes and the sun is colouring the clouds purple-red and shining so low that the lights on the diesel locomotives are on. Steam clouds rise from the syrup factory.

The brick wall shown on the left is the wall of the Jokioinen syrup factory. In the background you can see the warehouse buildings of Jokioinen manors. The JR3 diesel locomotive (the end of the exhaust pipe reveals the locomotive) has pushed the snow plow up the hill from Ferraria’s industrial tracks. There is fire in the stove of the snow plow, as smoke rises from its chimney. The JR1 diesel locomotive, whose left headlight is off, is in front of the plow, but is not coupled to the plow. Between the locomotive and the snow plow the end of JR's box car can be seen revealing there is a freight train standing on the main track leading to Jokioinen and Forssa.

Today, the Jokioinen Museum Railway ends roughly at the point where the picture was taken. In the future, the goal is to rebuild the demolished Ferrarina industrial track about 500 meters further on the bank of the Loimijoki River next to the former planing plant and warehouse of the Jokioinen sawmill. The end of the track would come between the still standing stone pillars of the former Jokioinen railway river bridge. Plans for the rebuilding of the track have been made and rail material acquired, only final funding is missing.

Two orange-yellow diesel locomotives and a box snow plow between them stand on a snowy track next to a red-brick factory building.
Jokioinen railway Move21 diesel locomotives JR3 and JR1 with Forssa snow plow in plowing and shunting in front of Jokioinen Syrup Factory. Photo: Börje Sällström, circa 1972.