The Move 4 diesel locomotives of Forssa Electric Railway (left) and Olkkola sawmill at Minkiö. Photo: Tapani Havia

There are total of five Move 4 diesel locomotives at Jokioinen Museum Railway out of what three are operational. There were total of 17 locomotives of this type built in 1950-59 mostly for industrial narrow gauge railways and railway construction projects. Out of 17 locomotive s11 were built of gauge 750 mm and six of 600 mm gauge.

Because of its small power and light weight the Move 4 locomotives are rarely used at Jokioinen museum railway to pull special trains or light work trains.

Forssa electric railway

This locomotive was the prototype of series and it was used by VR track building in years 1950-61. This locomotive was for example used when the 750 mm gauge Loviisa-Vesijärvi Railway was rebuilt to broad gauge. In 1961-82 the locomotive was used at Finalyson Oy Forssa sawmill. Asko Oy donated the locomotive to The Museum railway Association in 1990. The locomotive was fully renovated in 1995-99.

Olkkola saw mill number 2

This locomotive was with its sister locomotive in use at  A. Ahlström Oy United Paper Mills Olkkola sawmill in 1950-76. Both locomotives were donated in 1976 to Jokioinen Museum Railway.  The locomotive number 2 was used a lot to pull passenger and work trains in 1976-88. The sister locomotive number 1 has been used for spare parts and is today mostly dismantled.

Industrial Railway of Varkaus Factories

The locomotive was used at  A. Ahlström Oy:n Varkaus Factory from year 1951, but was later sold to a private person in the beginning of 1980s. The owner fully renovated the locomotive in Vantaa. Starting from year 2002 the locomotive has been located at Jokioinen Museum railway, but is still under private ownership.

Technical details

Builder: Valtion Metallitehtaat (from year 1951 Valmet Oy), Tampere
Years built: 1950 and 1951 Builders numbers: 1, 6 ja 12
Weight in working order: n. 4 t
Train weight with heritage trains: 30 tons
Maximum speed: 14 km/h
Wheels: Bdm (2 driving wheels, diesel mechanical transmission)
Engine: Four cylinder diesel engine, power  35-75 hp
Fuel: Light diesel fuel
Brakes: Mechanical lever brake