Scoma diesel locomotive

in 1960s the Nokia paper mills bought two new German Schöma narrow gauge diesel locomotives to replace steam locomotives of their industrial narrow gauge railways. The first locomotive arrived in Finland in 1965 and the second in 1969. The locomotives were used to move the pulpwood wagons in the factory area.

The railway traffic at Nokia paper mill ended in 1972, after which the locomotives moved to  Oy W. Schauman Ab:n Pietarsaari pulp mill. Over there they got their numbers 6 and 7. In Pietarsaari they were in heavy-duty use and in 1976 when the train traffic in Pietarsaari ended both of the locomotives were in very poor state and inoperable in spite of their short service life.

The locomotives were donated to the Museum Railway Association in 1978. After standing for few years without use the locomotives were transported to VR Vaasa shops where the number 7 was fully repaired in operating condition and number 6 was used as a source for spare parts. At the same time the original gauge of 600 mm was widened to 750 mm gauge used at Jokioinen Museum Railway.

The rebuilding of the locomotive number 7 was completed in 1985 and both locomotives were transported back to Jokioinen Museum Railway that same year. After this the number 7 has been used on work trains and switching at Jokioinen Museum Railway. Also the chassis and cabin of the dismantled locomotive number 6 is still existing.

Schoma diesel locomotive at Nokia paper mill

The Christoph Schöttler locomotive shop which build both Schöma locomotives exists today and is still building both normal and narrow gauge locomotives.  Jokioinen Museum Railway has been able to buy spare parts and also to pick them directly from the locomotive shops in Germany. You can find their English language web pages at address:

Technical details

Used in:
Nokia and Pietarsaari industrial railways
Christoph Schöttler GmbH, Diepholz, Germany
Builders number & year:
Weight in working order:
8 t
3 650 mm
Maximum train wight:
75 tons
Maximum speed:
15 km/h
Bdh (2 driving wheel sets, diesel hydraulic transmission)
Deutz F4 L 514, four cylinder diesel engine, power 72 hp, cylinder capacity 5,3 liters
Light diesel fuel
Compressed air brake and mechanical parking brake