Drawing of the LWR 6 steam locomotive

Loviisa-Vesijärvi railway locomotive number 6 was built at Tampere Linen and Iron Industry, later Tampella, work shops in Tampere, Finland in. The locomotive was built in 1906 and it is carrying a manufactures number 141, being the  141th locomotive built by Tampella.

Number 6 was running on revenue traffic for 51 years from 1909 until 19 April, 1960. The locomotive was donated to the museum of town of Loviisa and it was placed as a stationary monument in the centre of Loviisa. Museum Railway Association, who is running and maintaining the Jokioinen Museum railway, was able to negotiate a deal where the locomotive was donated to association. On 23 September, 1982 the locomotive was transported to Minkiö to be stored indoors. Later on the locomotive was painted for the narrow gauge museum exhibition. The town of Loviisa donated the locomotive to Museum railway Association in 1996 and the renovation of the locomotive started in autumn 1996. The renovation was mostly financed by the Ministry of Transportation.

In the renovation the locomotive was rebuilt to her 1920s outfit by painting her black instead of dark green, the valve gear was rebuilt to original, the smoke stack was changed, and the acetylene lamps of the locomotive were rebuilt. At the moment number 6 is the only locomotive in Finland with working acetylene lights.


The renovation was made at Jomeco Oy machine shop in Jokioinen. Final  steps of the work were completed in spring and summer 1998. The climax of the renovation project was reached on Saturday 15 August, 1988 when the rebuilt locomotive was loaded on a flat bed truck and transported 10 kms to Minkiö station. At Minkiö the locomotive was pulled on tracks and the next day she was moving under her own power for the first time in 40 years!

Number 6 has been pulling the regular museum trains since spring 1999. The Grand Old lady has been showing to be very reliable and good running locomotive.

Technical information

Weight (with the tender):
54 500 kg
birch firewood
Capacity of the tender:
8,5 m3
Capacity of the boiler:
about 3,3 m3
Working pressure:
10 kg/cm2
2-8-0 (4 driving wheel sets, 1 traversing whilst)
acetylene gas lamps