Forssa was an end station of ex Jokioinen Railway and the predecessor of Jokioinen Museum Railway, Museum Railway Forssa-Humppila from 1898 to 1974. The railway between Jokioinen and Forssa was dismantled in summer 1974. After that there ahs been no rail connection to Forssa. Jokioinen railway passanger traffic to Forssa ended already in the beginning of 1950's when the railway comppany replaced passanger trains with road coaches.

During the Minkiö steam festival weekend Jokioinen Museum Railway is keeping up the tradition and operating free museum coach connection between Jokioinen station and Forssa bus station.


On working days you can get from Forssa to Jokioinen by a local bus. You can also either ride a bicycle or walk from Forssa to Jokioinen along the old railway embankment and of course it is possible use a car to go from one town to another. In Forssa you can find hotels, restaurants, museums and alot to see and visit on your vacation.

Accommodation and restaurants in Forssa


One of the partners of Jokioinen Museum Railway is the Finlayson outlet located at Puuvillakatu 4. The special waggons carrying cotton farbric between Forssa and Tampere mills were running on the tracks of Jokioinen Railway. Those VR broad gauge waggons were loaded on special narrow gauge transportation waggons at Humppila and pulled by a narrow gauge Jokioinen railway trains to Forssa.