In Jokioinen the train stops just next to the old Jokioinen Estate. It is only about a 600 m walk from the station to the main building and the park of the estates. The Jokioinen Estates were the grandest estates in Finland. As recently as 1918 the area of the estates was 32,000 hectares. The main building of the estates was completed in 1798. It is one of the oldest neoclassical apartment buildings in Finland.

jokioinen estate

Other buildings in the area of the Jokioinen Estate include the old cow shed (1799), an old three story goods building (1802) and opposite it the stables with its decorated tower (1900); also the old office and apartment buildings (1804 and 1808) and old brick cowhouse (1890) nowadays renovated as Jokioinen Tietotalo and the restaurant Ometta.

jokioinen tietotalo

A short walk from Jokioinen station cross the bridge of Loimijoki river there is an Jokioinen Tearoom - English Tearoom, which is open on summer Sundays from 12.00 to 17.00.

On the south side of the Estate, just by the Loimijoki river there is an old hydro power plant, and the Agricultural Exhibition Park Elonkierto.

If you are not put off by a two kilometer walk, you can visit the old Parsonage Museum. The museum is located by the Vaulammintie (Vaulammi road) just outside the Jokioinen center on top of the high hill with view towards the Loimijoki river.

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