On the coming Sunday 2.7. with the people swarming the traditional Minkiö Farmers' Market, steam locomotie buffing and a vintage diesel locomotive mouring a new art exhibiton will open up at the old Minkiö Station goods shed. The Exhibition has a collection of works of PTJ Koskinen, one of the steam locomotive engineers of Jokioinen Museum Railway.

Kuva punaisesta pytylaudoitetusta makasiinista, jossa keskellä musta pariovi.
PTJ Koskisen töiden taidenäyttely on sisällä vanhassa Osuusliikkeen makasiinissa.

On of the perls of the exhibition are the Christmas Cards sent out by Jokioinen Museum Railway to its supporters during the past 15 years. On thos pictures you can find familar locomotives, carriages, places and people of Jokioinen Museum Railway, and of course the alter ego of the artist himshelf!

Sisäkuva makasiinista, jossa seinillä tauluja.
PTJ Koskisen töiden taidenäyttely.

The exhibition will be open from 11 to 18 on the days when the Narrow Gauge Museum and Cafe is open at Minkiö station and from 10 to 17 on Sunadys when scheduled trains are running.

You cand look at some of the works throug a lin on the top of this page.