Christmas is approaching and it's time again for the traditional Museum Jokioinen Museum Railway Christmas card. The Christmas card is again made by PTJ Koskinen, one of the steam locomotive drivers of the museum railway. Like always, the card is very relevant.

In 2023, the new automatic protection system with gates at the Kiipuntie level crossing was inaugurated. The system is the first of the Jokioinen Museum Railway. The municipality of Jokioinen also turned 150 years old and the Jokioinen railway turned 125 years old. Santa Claus and his elves are coming from the direction of Jokioinen and the warning system is working well. Among the gifts, there seems to be something important related to year 2023 in Finland...

Santa is arriving with his carriage running on the rails and pulled by a deer.
Museum Railway Association and Jokioinen Museum Railway are wishing Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year 2024. Drawing: PTJ Koskinen 2023.