December 12th. Let's stay in Forssa and see what happens at the station. On the seventh and eighth of December, we followed a short freight train coming from Humppila through the winter. Now that train has already reached Forssa and shunting is done at the station. The transporter wagon and the VR open wagon on top of it has been shunted to track three, and partially loaded JR open and closed wagons have been coupled to that wagon.

In the picture, the locomotive of our train "Karkkilalainen", ie the unnumbered Move21 diesel locomotive has finished shunting and is moving past the station to the locomotive stables. A conductor travels on the rear footboard of the locomotive. In the background you can see the Forssa station building and the JR69 box car next to the locomotive. There is some snow on the ground and the picture exudes the 1970s atmosphere of a cold winter day.

An orange-yellow diesel locomotive runs on a snowy railway yard in front of a wooden station building. The adjacent track has a wooden box car.
Move21 diesel locomotive 'Karkkilalainen' in shunting work at Forssa after bringing a short freight train from Humppila. Photo: Vesa Venho, February 1973.